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About me

My name is Preston Smidt, owner of Patriot Designs. I'm a former Navy Diver  with a passion for building unique projects. In order to achieve truly custom projects, I utilize a variety of manufacturing methods. These methods include woodworking, CNC machining, metal working, 3D printing, 3D design, Co2 laser engraving, and Fiber laser engraving/cutting. Working closely with my customers, I use my design style to make their vision a reality.

MKV 3d printed holder
knife holder
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Sign up to be first in line for new limited batch productions like my brass bottle openers!

Occasionally I will do small batch productions of items if there is enough demand for them. Once they are sold out I typically wont make them again. Subscribers will have access to these items before I post them on social media.

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Due to each order being unique, I don't list my custom projects in a online store. If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece, please contact me with the form below. I do my best to respond back same day.

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